More about our lovely surroundings

Coolamon ‎Cheese Factory  - And now with Steve's Bakery   

Enjoy cheese tasting | Cheese ‎inspired meals | Pack a picnic of ‎cheese & local Riverina produce. | Watch cheese being handcrafted & ‎matured

The founder passion for cheese making ‎began over 30 years ago working ‎as a microbiologist.

He has since ‎made cheese for some of ‎Australia’s most loved companies. ‎It was only natural to import Steve's Bakery into this beautiful space.

The Up–to-Date ‎Store  

Designed and built to serve the ‎people of the Coolamon district, the ‎Up-to-Date Store resonates

with the ‎memories of the community. The Store remains as a visual ‎reminder of the ingenuity and skill ‎of local architects, builders and the ‎retail traders and their staff. It also ‎remains as a focus for the ‎collective memories of the people ‎who, over the years, have called ‎Coolamon ‘home’. The Up-to-Date ‎Store’s social and historical ‎significance was acknowledged with ‎its listing on the State Heritage ‎Register in 2006.‎

Junee's Licorice ‎Factory 

Junee Licorice and Chocolate ‎Factory is located at the restored ‎Junee Flour Mill, a historically rich ‎landmark in the rural township of ‎Junee, New South Wales. The ‎Factory produces a rapidly growing ‎range of innovative, certified ‎organic confectioneries increasingly ‎being found in shops around ‎Australia and overseas. Junee ‎Licorice and Chocolate Factory is ‎operated by Green Grove Organics, ‎a family operated farm based ‎enterprise that has been practicing ‎organic farming since 1962. Green ‎Grove holds Level “A” Organic ‎Certification through the BFA ‎‎(Biological Farmers Association of ‎Australia, P225).‎

Monte Cristo ‎Haunted House - in Junee 


The Monte Cristo Annual Ball is the ‎longest running private period ‎costume ball of its type in the ‎southern hemisphere. Started in ‎‎1973 by Reg and Olive Ryan as a ‎one-time event to raise

money for ‎charity, it turned into an annual ball ‎after guests requested their names ‎be left for tickets for the next year. ‎The Monte Cristo Ball is invitation ‎only! The easiest way to get an ‎invitation is just ask!! Leave your ‎name, address and contact number ‎with us and we will send you an ‎invitation. Tell your friends, arrange ‎a group for a table, tell everyone. ‎The more the merrier. The Ball is the ‎second Saturday night in ‎September each year. Ticket cost is ‎‎$75 per person or $150 a double.‎

Temora Aviation ‎Museum     


The Temora Aviation Museum ‎inspires the community to ‎acknowledge the role played by ‎Australia’s historic ex-military ‎aircraft, and encourages visitors to ‎learn and be inspired through its ‎collection of aircraft to remember ‎the efforts of the men and women ‎who flew and supported them ‎during times of conflict. The Temora ‎Aviation Museum is first and ‎foremost a flying Museum, and its ‎Flying Displays are conducted by ‎the Temora Historic Flight Club ‎‎(THFC) which is a separate entity ‎from the Museum. All flight ‎operations are under the control and ‎direction of the THFC Director of ‎Flying Operations. The Museum is a ‎non-profit organisation which ‎receives its funding through private ‎donations.‎

Ganmain Show

A country fair, occurring on the 3rd weekend of August..